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Join us in selecting the Expression For the Official Release Of The World's First Crowdsourced Tequila.
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Whats inside the 2023
tasting Kit

An in home tasting experience.

$ 109.75 USD
The tasting kit includes our top four añejos. This is your opportunity to be heard. Rate the four and choose your favorite to help us in crowning a true tequila de la Gente. The expression with the most votes will launch with a full size bottle in late 2023.

This kit serves up to 8 voters, and it includes:
  • 4 - 200ml Premium Añejo Bottles
  • Digital Tequila Tasting Book
  • Access to How-To Videos
  • Access to Our Internal Rating System
  • Music Playlists - Hosted on Spotify and Apple Music
  • Digital Download Rating Sheets (if paper is your thing)
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How it Works

Join us on the ground floor and select the world's first crowdsourced tequila.


Order the 2023 tasting kit and feel what it's like to get samples directly from the distillery.


Salud! Gather your friends and family to sip the best tequilas Mexico has to offer.


Rate the final flavor profiles based on taste and smoothness. You don't need to be an expert. Have some fun!


Your vote matters. Submit your favorite flavor profile to identify the Tequila De la Gente.


our story

Hi, we’re just 4 guys who love tequila. We wanted to find a tequila we enjoyed sipping like we do a whiskey or bourbon, but we were overwhelmed by the cost and shopping experience it took to find our favorite. We decided to change the way tequila is created by involving you in the very beginning. We want to crowdsource the selection process.

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How we started

There are three basic steps to creating a tequila once you’ve found a distillery:

select a flavor profile
Design a bottle
Design packaging

So we started and found a distillery in Jalisco, Mexico (the region where all tequila comes from) that liked our idea and was willing to partner with us.

Then we worked with a master taster who bought into our mission. He started to send us samples of our very own expressions based on smell, taste and aroma. We began narrowing down the expressions using a rating system we created.

As you can probably imagine, this was fun and exciting to taste and rate but we had a new problem: we had to select 1 of these to be our favorite.

If we choose 1 and add it to the thousands of options already out there, we haven’t solved the original issue.

So that led us to involve friends and family to help us in the selection process. It was then we realized that this selection process was even more fun when you add more people, and this experience was only available to a select few people.

We decided to do something that has never been done before in the spirits industry.

WE want to involve YOU in the selection process.

We want you to receive a tasting kit to help us select the tequila that will be the 2023 release of “Tequila de la Gente”.

So we’ve narrowed down the flavors from the master taster to the last 4 options.

We want you to:
- EXPERIENCE what its like to receive a package of unreleased tequila.
- Sit down with your friends and family to RATE the final 4 flavor profiles.
- VOTE for your favorite.

After all the votes are in, we, the people, will have selected the Tequila that will be crowned the“Tequila de la Gente”. It truly is the Tequila For the People, by the people.

The Liquid


Agave plants are harvested after they reach full maturity ranging between 6 and 14 years. We use a blend of highland and lowland.


Agave hearts or piñas are slowly steam-roasted in traditional thick stone walled brick ovens (hornos) for at least 36 hours.


Naturally occurring yeast is added to agave juice and rested in tanks to ferment for at least 48 hours, basically creating a beer or wort between 5 & 9% alcohol.


We distill the wort or mosto muerto 2 times, the first is ordinario which is about 25% alcohol. After the second distillation we get the good stuff which is about 55% alcohol.  


The tequila is then aged 12-16 months in American Oak Whiskey Barrels to create a sip-able tequila. 

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