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2023 Añejo Tequila Tasting Kit - 4 Unique Expressions from Tequila De La Gente

$ 109.75 USD

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The tasting kit includes our top four award winning añejos. This is your opportunity to take part in an exclusive and fun tequila tasting. Join with friends and rate the four expressions then choose your favorite to help us in crowning a true tequila de la Gente. The expression with the most votes will launch with a full size bottle in late 2023.

This kit serves up to 8 voters, and it includes:

  • 4 - 200ml Premium Añejo Bottles
  • Digital Tequila Tasting Book
  • Access to How-To Videos
  • Access to Our Internal Rating System
  • Access to Submit Votes (all your guests can vote)
  • Digital Download Rating Sheets (if paper is your thing)
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Why we made this

If you’re not an expert in tequila, finding your favorite sipping tequila is difficult for a few reasons. - Shopping for tequila is overwhelming due the number of options. - Shopping by price or label doesn't mean it will match your taste - and following celebrity recommendations doesn't always equal success. This set us on a journey to create a new way to launch a tequila. We decided to work with a master taster to craft sipping tequila expressions. We had so much fun narrowing down the selection to the final four. Now we're opening the final selection up to you. YOU VOTE. WE LAUNCH.

What La Gente Is Saying

22 Reviews

Great and Unique Experience

It was fantastic! This is a unique experience but at the same time one that is so normal for a Mexicano. We always hangout with family and friends, so throwing or hosting a tasting party was a no brainer, but then you taste the tequila and it’s like nothing you’ve tasted before. I find it refreshing to get educated on the tequila process and taste the difference in the 4 samples. Can’t wait for “T”, my favorite to be made, haha. TDLG, great job!

Benjamin B.

Verified Buyer

Great Product

Very good - we enjoyed the tasting kit with family and friends and everyone loved the experience

Michael S.

Verified Buyer

TDLG Tequila is 4 exceptional spirits that delivers a truly memorable tequila experience.

Whether you're a seasoned tequila connoisseur or someone looking to explore the world of premium spirits, TDLG Tequila is an excellent choice that won't disappoint. Order yours now, and get your vote in!

Noah R.

Verified Buyer

Smooth Tequila

It was awesome. I did a tasting with a group of guys and they all loved it. I had family from Mexico and Cali come in and they loved it. Say it’s not your everyday tequila

Adam G.

Verified Buyer

Best Idea EVER

So, I’m not much of a tequila drinker, or so I thought. Trying tequilas changes the entire game! I didn’t know that I could ever like tequila but I certainly do now. It’s super fun to taste & rate them and such a unique experience. I would highly recommend this for the most fun (albeit confrontational) dialogue you’ll ever have while drinking.

Erin W.

Verified Buyer


Amazing way to spend time with your friends experiencing the joy of tasting awesome Tequila!

Brad D.

Verified Buyer

My sisters and I tequila tasting!

It was so much fun the perfect excuse for any gathering of family or friends!

Carmen Z.

Verified Buyer

10/10 Tequila Tasting

10/10 experience. The quality of tequila is top notch. I’m looking forward to getting a full size bottle. The social aspect of the tasting was a lot of fun for our group of friends.

Brett N.

Verified Buyer


I loved this tequila! All of them were excellent!

Kay K.

Verified Buyer

Excellent Idea

We had a great time grading our 4 samples. What is deadline for submitting results, I have some folks that want to add their grades?

David M.

Verified Buyer

Best tequila ever

I’ve been looking for a clean sipping tequila and I’ve finally found it!

Alexis L.

Verified Buyer

Kim's taste test

Had a great time using this kit to through a taste testing party with my friends. This kit made it such a fun and exciting experience.

Kimberly C.

Verified Buyer

Amazing Concept

I invited some friends over that enjoy trying different tequilas and we were blown away by the quality of the tequilas. The presentation and flavors of everything were outstanding!

Ronald B.

Verified Buyer

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